4 Reasons Your Car Key Button Is Not Working

At some point in life, car key buttons will quit working. Cars are one of the most valuable assets people own. An asset that requires great responsibility. If you treat your vehicle right, it shouldn't bring too many problems to your life. However, there are things in life we simply can't always control, such as a car key button suddenly not working. It can be an extremely frustrating event, walking out to your car (especially in a hurry) and suddenly realizing the car key button is not functioning properly.

Luckily for you, this article will discuss the possible reasons as to why your car key button may not work and the things that you could do to solve it. 


1. Damaged Key Fob


The first possible reason as to why your car key button may not be working is due to a damaged key fob. Dead batteries inside the key fob are only part of what could be the cause of a car key button not working. In reality, steady wear and tear from continual usage of the key fob itself may be the real issue. A common sign of overuse is, as you might have guessed, worn-out buttons. After a certain amount of years and great usage, a car key button will simply stop working. 


The only real solution for this specific problem is to replace your worn out key fob! Unless the problem with the keyfob is not the button itself but rather the way you are pressing on it. Damaged buttons can get finicky and may only work properly if you push them a certain way. To verify that this is the case, test a spare remote. If both key fobs experience the same issue, it is an indicator that the issue isn't a worn button or contact issue.


2. Dead Batteries


Probably one, if not THE most common reason for key fob not working. Batteries die all the time, in all kinds of electronics, not just in your car’s remote. Knowing that, you should be aware that when your batteries are on the verge of dying, it probably has something to do with its batteries.  


Luckily, you can fix this problem quickly and with as little expenses as possible. Simply replace your current faulty batteries. All you need to do is take the shell apart, look at the battery and find the part number. Take a picture or write that number down and go to an auto parts store for a replacement. Major auto parts retailers should have a matching battery in their inventory, as will most auto locksmiths. 


3. Broken Car Door Lock


Sometimes, the cause of your car key button not working has nothing to do with the key fob itself. The buttons can be in perfect working condition along with a fully charged battery, yet the car doors don’t unlock. This probably means the problem is with the car door lock itself and not with the keyfob. 


This solution in this case will vary depending on the severity of the problem. Sometimes, the problem is severe enough to the point where the door needs to be disassembled, or maybe the entire car door lock needs to be rekeyed. Either way, the help of a professional auto locksmith is required. An auto locksmith will offer a proper diagnosis so that you can get access to replacement parts faster and have your door locks working in no time. Though before you opt for any auto locksmith, be sure that they have the right experience and knowledge to get the job done properly. 


4. Other Electrical Issues


If you can't seem to point out the problem from the reasons listed above, then maybe a more serious problem with your car could be the cause. The real issue of your car key button not working could be a result of extensive damage to the vehicle’s electrical system. Other electrical failures that may follow your car key buttons not working include a defective car horn, lights not turning on, and window malfunctions. 


The best thing you could do at this point is go straight to an auto-locksmith. Why? Well, these aren't the types of issues you want to handle yourself. The more you play with them, the more likely you will make a crucial mistake. Be sure you go to a trusted locksmith. Someone with enough experience to offer a comprehensive solution to the multiple failures attaching your car.



Going through any one of these problems can be frustrating, we know. We also know that trying to come up with homemade solutions to these problems by yourself could turn things way worse. You could get away with dead batteries, but as for the rest of the issues, you simply need an expert’s help. 

If you happen to live Los Angeles and the surrounding area and need the help of a professional auto-locksmith company, we are the right people for you.  Give us a call at (424) 203-6668 to schedule a service appointment or to receive a FREE consultation. 

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