Top 5 Tools That Will Help Remove A Broken Key Out Of A Lock

Getting your key stuck inside your lock can be a very frustrating event, we know. This is especially frustrating if you were in a hurry and now you are locked out of the place you hurriedly needed to head to. Your first instinct will probably be to call a local locksmith who will come to the rescue, which is a smart move. But, there are a couple of things you could first try doing before calling for assistance. These simple methods could potentially be the solution for your broken key problem. No need to wait for hours for the rescue when you could solve it with these simple steps!


  1. Tweezers

The first tool that would come in very handy and is most likely found in every woman's purse is tweezers! Your concern should be the thickness of your tweezers and how far in the broken key is in the lock. Most tweezers, whether big or small, are inappropriately sized for this task and will just end up doing more damage than good. The best way to verify that you are using the right tweezers is by ensuring that your tweezers can open wide enough to fit around the key, but not so thick that they cannot fit along the sides of the key.


  1. Super Glue

Using super glue to unjam a lock seems a bit illogical. It is also one of the methods that most often fail due to improper due. What is great about this tool is that it is more convenient than the other option and is most likely found somewhere in your home. What you will be needing to do is gluing the key to a small and thin object, like a wire or match. However, notice that if your key is pushed far back into the keyway to the point where no metal is visible, do not try this. Begin by taking a small wire or a match and place some super glue on the end of it. Before getting this near the keyway, ensure that the amount of glue is sufficient. Remove any excess glue or add glue if there is not enough. Hold that match/wire against the edge of the broken key. As you are applying pressure, be sure that you are not pushing the broken key further into the lock. Wait the recommended time for the substances to bind and then pull your match away from the lock as if it were the bow of the key.


  1. Broken Key Extractor

If you happen to have this kind of tool, then this would be the professional solution to this problem. Locksmiths usually carry this tool with them for this exact purpose. The first step in using this tool is placing it inside the keyway along the biting of the key. Your main objective with this tool is to try hooking the teeth on the key with the hook(s) on the extractor. Once placed along the biting, turn and pull, and this should grab and remove the key. If it doesn't happen in your first try, then keep on doing it. This may take several attempts.


  1. Hacksaw Blade

If a broken key extractor isn't readily available, then you can make one out yourself of a mini hacksaw blade. What you will be needing is a thin piece of metal that will be able to fit in your keyway along with your broken key. The smaller the piece of metal, the better. To achieve a smaller size, try breaking the blade with some needle nose pliers so that you can insert the serrated edge into the lock. With a simple turn and a pull, your broken key should come right out. This may not happen with your first attempt, therefore you will have to keep trying. 


  1. Probe and Pull

With two thin pieces of metal, you can probe the keyway and pull out the key. Begin with lining up a piece of metal on both sides of the key, which refer to the sides that interact with the warding on the lock, not the biting and smooth side. The key is to not put your tools in very far, but rather just enough that you'll be able to apply pressure firmly. Then pull the broken key towards you. This will probably only move the key out a bit.



At least one of these methods should be the one to solve your stuck key problem. No matter the lock type or object they are attached to, as long as you have the right materials, it shouldn't be such a big issue. Be sure to take your time with these methods and to not hurry, as much as you may be tempted. Rushing these processes is a ticket for a plethora of things going wrong, and you simply do not have the time for that. Ofcourse, you always have the option to call up a local locksmith who will come to your place and do that for you, such as Zig Zag Locksmith. Until then, try to memorize these methods so if you do happen to get trapped in such a scenario at one point in your life, you will know exactly what to do.

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